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Participate in DSF’s Annual New Year Competition, January 8th – February 18th!


2 categories: Men and Women

Goal: Build up the most weight with accumulation of our three moves: Bench Press, Back Squat, & Dead-lifts. Whomever adds on the most weight for their 1-rep max in the span of 6 weeks with all three moves will be the winner in that category!

Prizes Include:

  • Free 3-month Full Facility Membership

  • 1 Hour massage with our certified massage therapist

  • A free DSF T-Shirt


How do I sign up? Visit at the front desk to get your name in TODAY! Sign-ups are free for all members, so we can support a healthier, stronger, and more fit YOU!


Corresponding to the competition is our 30 ARBONNE Whole Food Cleanse. For more information, click here.

Strength & Wellness Competition 2018!


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