Swimming Services

Lap Swim Times:

  • Monday & Wednesdays: 5am-8am, 9am-6:30pm, 7:30pm-10:45pm

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5am-10:45pm

  • Fridays: 5am-8am, 9am-6:30pm, 7:30pm-9:45pm

  • Saturdays: 7am-9am, 11:15-8:45pm

  • Sundays: 7am-8:45pm

Introducing: DSF’S Gator Developmental Swim Team 

Starting May 14th

Have your child be a member of DSF’s first ever swim team! The DSF “Gators” will start swimming May 14th, 2018 which includes: swim practice 3 times a week for 2 week sessions. For ages 5-12 years.

The Gators will practice:

2 Week Sessions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


$120 per 2 week sessions. Non-members $160 per 2 week session.

Kids Triathlon Club

Starting April 7

Come join DSF Kids Triathlon Club. Kids ages 7-13 will work on swimming, cycling, and running in a fun energetic way. The goal of the KTC is to get kids involved in multi-sports events with the objective of competing in a triathlon or Spartan type of race. Ages 7-13.



$35 a session

$120 for 4 sessions

Private Swim Lessons:

Please contact Swim instructor below for swim lessons date and times for swim lessons. Come in 20-minutes prior to your FIRST swim lesson to register and pay at the front desk.

No Refunds: A 24-hour notice is required prior to your appointment or child’s lesson to cancel or reschedule. No-shows on swimming lessons will be applied to the number of lessons remaining on the account.

Swim Instructors:

Steve Clossick: dsfaqua@gmail.com

Steve Clossick brings over 20 years of swim team and aquatic experience as the newest Aquatics Director here at DSF. Steve has founded two swim clubs, and directed the hiring process of multiple locations Steve is also a former triathlete, having finished 7 Ionman Triathlon – his best just 9 hours and 35 minutes! Coach Steve is very excited about the opportunity at DSF and is looking forward in working with all of the swimmer families!

Fun & Swim 30 minute classes:

Geared for novice/younger swimmers.

$50 per session

$160 for 4 sessions

$300 for 8 sessions

Stroke Clinic 30 minute classes:

Geared for more advanced swimmers.

$60 per session

$200 for 4 sessions

$360 for 8 sessions


Joshua Beachlaputz: (530)-601-0526 beachlaputz1@gmail.com

Josh was raised in Davis, and within the last 11 years, he has been training himself and others using different methods: swim techniques, body weight exercises, and weight training. Besides swim coaching, Josh teaches Military Bootcamp classes, and is a certified personal trainer here at DSF.  He also has experience working with young children in groups, or in a one-on-one basis, and is ready to take on the fun challenge of working with young children in building their swim technique and confidence

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