Class Schedule

Aqua Aerobics

This class focuses on strength training with low impact on joints. It’s designed for seniors, anyone in recovery from injury or surgery, pregnant women, or just those who could benefit from this kind of workout. Aqua Aerobics increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and burns up to 250 calories/hour.

Boot Camp

A group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenics, body weight, and dumbbell exercises with interval training and strength training, our program is designed to push you harder than you think your body is capable. We promise to increase cardivascular fitness, coordination, and muscle strength with burning up to 600 calories.


This class adds a cluster pf high-intensity abdominal/core exercises to our standard Boot Camp class.

Cardio Fusion

A fast-paced class that combines weights and pylometric moves, this class incorporates different pieces of equipment like fitness balls, bands, aerobic step and more to keep the class motivated and fun. Cardio Fusion works all muscle groups and uses cardio intervals to get the heart pumping.

Chisel Strength

Combining Boot Camp, strength training, and Pilates into one fun-filled class, Chisel Strength is split up into two parts. This class sails by and gives you a well-rounded, whole-body workout in just one hour.

Masters Swim

Whether you need to perfect your technique or get a workout that will get you ready for a competition, our experienced coaches are here to help. Our Performance Swim Coaches critique your form to enhance your efficiency, aiming to build a workout that will increase your time and ability, burning up to 475 calories/hour.


This class combines Pilates, Yoga, and other core-strengthening exercises to improve posture and help you move more efficiently.

Silver & Fit

This mature group really enjoys the social side of exercise, incorporating a slower and more controlled workout with cardio and weights.


You’ll take your training to a new level! Spin workouts can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout, burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape – especially during the off-season. It is a non-impact cardiovascular workout on stationary bikes. This program enables participants to work at their individual fitness levels within the parameters of a specifically designed class format. The Spinning program incorporates the mind/body connection so riders leave with a great sense of satisfaction.


This step class offers beginning-to-intermediate intensity and choreography while increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and coordination. It burns up to 575 calories/hour.

Toned & Tight

Strength training multiple muscle groups at once provides better results. With Toned & Fit you will tackle strength building exercises that will increase muscular endurance while working with a variety of equipment. Get ready for a lean, strong physique. This class strengthens muscles, increases metabolism and burns up to 400 calories/hour.


This class is for all levels, with modifications for more difficult poses and the opportunity for participants to work at their own pace. It helps to increase flexibility and balance, strengthen muscles, and decrease stress.

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