Personal Trainers

Tammy Ten Broeck

  • Teaching and Coaching Group Classes for 35 Years
  • AFAA Group Exercise Certified, Red Cross- CPR Certified
  • AFAA- Personal Training, Pilates Certified, Yoga Certified, Kickboxing and Spin Certified
  • CrossFit Level Trainer 1, 2
  • CrossFit Kids Certified
  • B.S. in Business Management, University of Phoenix, 2000

Tammy has been the owner of Davis Swim and Fitness since 2005, and Yolo CrossFit/Yolo CrossFit Kids since 2014. She is passionate about her job working with her members here at Davis Swim and Fitness, all while making sure that her members and clients all have access to a healthy lifestyle.

Gina Pickett

Gina Picket

  • 25 Years in the Fitness Industry
  • Specialized in Rehabilitation of Injuries and Weight Loss
  • Masters in Exercise Physiology
  • NASM, Personal Trainer Certified
  • Kaiser Power Pacing Cycling Instructor
  • AFAA Certified Weight Lifting and Step Reebok
  • Aquatic Exercise Association, Certified

Gina is the Head Trainer of Davis Swim and Fitness and training since  2008, and graduated from the Police Academy in June 2007. Gina’s main focus on personal training  is helping rehabilitate her client’s injuries and overall weight loss — while also pushing her clients to their full potential and satisfy their personal goals.

Josh Beachlaputz

  • Expeditionary Combat qualified by the Navy
  • Boot Camp, Navy Fitness, and Martial Arts trainer
  • 6 years of Kenpo and Muay Thai training

Josh trained for 6 years in the martial arts, and is  part of the Navy reserve, where he was a command fitness leader for many units in the past 5 years. Besides Personal Training here at Davis Swim and Fitness, Josh teaches Military Bootcamp, Swim Technique classes, Individual Swim Lessons, and Cardio Kick-Boxing. If you are looking for someone to improve your athleticism, increase your muscle mass, or lose body fat, Josh is the trainer for you!

Steve Bonnel

Steve Bonnel

  • NESTA Personal Trainer
  • ACE Functional Movement Specialist
  • NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
  • USATF Coaching Track and Field Certified
  • CrossFit Trainer Level 1 Course
  • CPR Certified and NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certified

Steve has been involved  with athletics outdoor style living for most of his life. As an avid runner and lifelong nature seeker, Steve enjoys the mind-body conditioning and health benefits of being outdoors. As a personal trainer, Steve want’s to engage his clients to embrace the outdoor lifestyle while also encouraging high levels and fitness for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Sherly Bernauer

Sherly Bernauer

  • Head of Nutrition, Teaching Group Classes and Personal Training at Davis Swim and Fitness since 2008
  • UC Davis Graduate and Works at UCD Managing DNA Sequencing Core Lab
  • Teaches: Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Areobics
  • YoaFit certification in 2008
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross CPR Certified

After a health scare in 2003, Sheryl started to go towards the path of wellness, and now dedicated part of that passion towards her current and future clients. She encourages a strong line of communication  and her clients to acieve their personal goals towards health ad fitness.

Lucy Della Rose

Lucy Della Rosa

  • Teaching group classes and personal training at Davis Swim and Fitness Since 2006
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross CPR
  • Teaches: Silver and Fit, Boot Camp and Cardio Fusion
  • Ohio Weseyan University, BFA Graduate

As a trainer, Lucy enjoyed creative processes of finding new ways to workout. You supply the determination and dedication, and she will help you get the results you are wanting. Keep it challenging, keep it changing, and keep it fun!

Brittany Shires

  • CrossFit level 1 Trainer
  • 2 years Training in Group Exercise
  • Fitness Instructor at DSF for over 3 years
  • Spin Certifcation

Brittany loves fitness, and wants everyone to enjoy it as much as she does. She shares her passion for all types of exercise ranging from Yoga to CrossFit. After 2012 when she had her son, she noticed how out of shape she was.  However, she decided to turn her life around and became a member here at Davis Swim and Fitness. Since then, her passion for fitness grew to encourage others to reach their fitness goals as a group exercise instructor and a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, Brittany is determined and enthusiastic to be a part of the life change for her current and future clients.

Brian La

  • Graduated with a B.S. of Neurobiology, Phyiology, and Behavior
  • Certified NASM Perosnal Trainer
  • USAW certified in Strength and Performance Coach
  • Current Student focusing on Kinesiology, and exercise biology

Born and raised in San Jose, Brian had the fortunate opportunity to train with a world-class power-lifter, who has inspired him to become stronger and develop a passion to improve human performance. Brian since then studied at UC Davis where he grew to have a better understanding of the human body, and and now is still continuing his education to learn more about kinesiology and exercise biology. Brian wants to help build and create a healthy lifestyle for his clients and help them reach a new point in their fitness training!

Chris Benoit

  • Personal Training at Davis Swim and Fitness Since 2007 with Over 24 Years of Coaching
  • Masters in Education, 2005
  • B.S. Exercise Science and Biology, UC Davis
  • Varsity and J.V. Coach 2000-03 River City Rowing Club
  • J.V. Softball Coach, Vanden High School, 2004-07

Chris has over 17 years of training experience in a gym, and has worked with a variety of amazing coaches, trainers, and athletes. As your trainer, Chris’s goal is to train you to be independent and self-reliant on exercising, to take what you learn from your sessions and apply it in a realistic manner to your daily lifestyle.

terrance daily

Terrance Dailey

  • National Personal Training Insitute, Sacramento — Certified Personal Trainer
  • Vacaville High School, Certificate in Nutrition
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate

Terrance started out as a member of Davis Swim and Fitness and soon started to love the environment that DSF has to offer and soon became a personal trainer. Terrance started his fitness career doing track and football throughout high school, and then continued with football at the collegiate level where his love for fitness and strength training grew. Terrance’s main focus is to  make a positive difference in people’s lives and wants to help his clients reach their health and fitness goals.


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