Membership Cancellation Request

Cancellation Policy Agreement: I understand this policy and agree to give 30 days written notification when changing the status of my account (including cancellation). I also understand that the billing cycle is computed from the date you enrolled going forward. Notification must be given at least thirty days in advance and must also correlate to the Club’s billing cycle.

Cancellation Upon Relocation: If the responsible party moves further than 25 miles from Davis Swim & Fitness, and is unable to transfer this membership to another local resident, we will prorate the pre-paid amount paid and send a refund within 30-45 days. All 12 and 24 month members may cancel with a $50-$100 cancellation fee, which is based on the amount of time left on the term of membership and submit a PG&E bill, new address on a drivers license, or employment relocation paperwork indicating the reason for relocation. Verification must be submitted before cancellation can be processed or refund can be mailed.

This cancellation request will be evaluated by Davis Swim & Fitness management before this request can be processed. We are truly sorry you are cancelling your membership today. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the quality of our service at Davis Swim & Fitness. We really do appreciate you being a member and hope you come back to DSF!

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